Milking Parlour Pipeline System

The milking parlour pipelie system can be installed in low, medium and high line in parlours with herringbone or tandem.

  • Automatic discharge from the final unit to the cooler with an electronic level sensor.
  • Stainless steel fuel pump of 3000 l / h. 3 / 4hp engine
  • Final unit of stainless steel.
  • 51 mm stainless steel cleaning tube and accessories
  • Mounting capacity in 2 × 3 to 2 x 8 animal containers
  • Automatic washer: washes, flushes and disinfects in a single operation without dismantling components.
  • Vacuum pump of 900 l / min of capacity
  • 350cc milk collector
  • Pneumatic pulsator with pulse 60/40
  • Vacuum regulating servo 1500l / min.
  • Rechargeable leche filter


  • Automatic cleaning that provides greater hygiene and facility.
  • Higher performance with less labor.
  • Savings in labor

*Weight and dimensions may vary depending on the product version. Project changes may occur without prior notice

*Merely illustrative images

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