Fertilizer Spreader Sembra 300/400/600

Sembra is an effective and versatile fertilizer spreader providing a uniform distribution of fertilizers, seeds and lime.

  • U.V Protected Polyethylene conical body
  • Curved round tube frame
  • Stainless steel doser with regulation to direct the flow of product in the disc.
  • Eccentric Stirrer with bearing: Prevents breakage of granules and seeds
  • Stirrer for limestone and similar products.
  • Adjustable launchers to suit the application range.
  • Distribution range from 07 to 16m
  • SAE 90 oil-plated bevel gearbox
  • 720rpm disc rotation
  • Dosage adjustment with graduated scale
  • Sembra 300 with gearbox exclusive for 1000rpm power take-off tractors
  • Dosage adjustment with graduated scale


  • Side distribution kit for orchard.
  • Stainless steel disc and launchers.

*Weight and dimensions may vary depending on the product version. Project changes may occur without prior notice

*Merely illustrative images

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