Feed Mixer MIN - P

The Incomagri MIN-P stationery feed mixer is ideal for mixing dried products in the balanced ration preparing for the daily supply to livestock.
It is simple and easy to operate and guarantees a practical and homogeneous mixture.

  • Homogeneous mixture of bran and low inclusion ingredients for the preparation of balanced feed.
  • Mixer body, feed hopper and polyethylene top cover
  • Practical and efficient.
  • The best choice for cattle ranchers in pasture supplementation, semi-confinement and confinement.
  • Polyethylene body is Corrosion resistant
  • Supported shaft on self-adjusting shielded bearing.
  • Lower (standard) or higher engine base versions.
  • Electric motor base or optional axle kit for diesel or gasoline drive.

*Weight and dimensions may vary depending on the product version. Project changes may occur without prior notice

*Merely illustrative images

Mini feed factory

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