Fertilizer Spreader Sembra 1000

Sembra 1000 is a double disc fertilizer spreader distributing fertilizer, seeds and lime with a uniformity and biger working width compared to single discs.

  • Volumetric capacity: 1000 l
  • Load capacity: 1500 kg
  • Doble disc distribution system with variable angle blades that provide wide application range with uniformity.
  • Chassis built in bent tube, reducing weld seams for greater strength
  • Rotomoulded deposit of virgin polyethylene with U.V protection.
  • Removable quick-connect deposit for easy equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Eccentric vertical agitator system that ensures uniform dosing and prevents breakage of fertilizer seeds and granules
  • Stainless Steel Dosing Funds
  • Uniform distribution range from 7 to 18 meters
  • Robust SAE 90 oil-plated gearboxes with helical bevel gears.

Manual, cable or hydraulic drive


  • Lime Stirrer
  • Side application kit for orchard.
  • Stainless steel discs and launchers

*Weight and dimensions may vary depending on the product version. Project changes may occur without prior notice

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